Our Offers per function


Operations become more and more complex due to significant constraints such as legal requirements, cost saving initiatives (offshoring, outsourcing, or sharing projects), quality and delay improvements. At KYC Consulting, we have led many Operations Transformation programmes to meet compliance and regulatory requirements, foster the right sourcing model and derive process excellence.

Our experienced consultants have been working throughout all the banking processes, including the following ones:


Due to legal and compliance requirements, Regulatory function is becoming more and more crucial to support the stability of the financial services. One of their major concerns is to guarantee a consistent and robust implementation of these new requirements.

Our experienced team leads can support regulatory projects, the below areas:

Referential &
Data management

Data management is becoming a critical function considering the following matters :

  • Integration of new data and convergence to regulatory projects such as DFA / EMIR, MiF 2, FATCA / AEOI, BCBS 239…
  • Sharing and optimization of referential to address cost saving pressure, and foster consistency across group functions
  • Quality and reliability of data to assure good quality services

Flexibility is hence crucial to optimize data governance :

  • Increasing data and local specificities
  • Definition of regulatory, non-disclosure and clients (internal & external) requirements scenarios
  • Operational governance issues in data management


KYC consulting offer their clients a dedicated support for finance and risk departments transformation programmes. The major projects led these last years have helped the rationalization and professionalization of the Finance and Risk functions, with many initiatives that are still to be conducted towards the maturity level.

Also, the potential merge of Finance and Risk functions is leading to profound change in reporting processes and operating model. Processes should allow flexibility, fluidity and precision with the referential setup, information system, and data models review.

We can support throughout the below areas


Human resources function is being reinforced to become a key business partner in the global strategy of organisations transformation. This department needs to manage the main asset of the financial actors: Human Capital.


KYC consulting provide a dedicated support to HR departments to lead projects accross the following areas: