Our Identity



Their major challenges and constraints, to support them effectively with their large scale transformation programmes


Their skills and abilities, to help them grow and bring value to our clients


Our strengths and values, to share them together: professionalism, dynamism, humility, respect and team spirit

The company

After having spent over ten years serving financial institutions, we came to the conclusion that it was essential to re-think the way consultancy was provided to customers.


Having this in mind, KYC Consulting, an independent consultancy firm exclusively specializing in Financial Services, was launched in 2010.


For us, Success lies in three key principles:

Know Your Clients, Know Your Consultants, Know Your Company




David Zamour – Founder

Bertrand Sénéclauze – Partner

Tanguy Madec – Partner

Our values

KYC consulting DNA : independent & entrepreneurial

We are independent with a strong entrepreneurial mindset, and we have  significant investment and development capabilities.

Human values at the service of our customers and collaborators

Professionalism, dynamism, humility, rigour, respect, and team spirit are the key values we share within the firm and with our clients.

A collaborative and modular approach

We use a collaborative approach to contribute to the success of our clients’ projects and validate with them every stage, from scoping to implementation.

A Commitment to quality and concrete results

In a highly constrained and evolving industry, we are committed to delivering sustainable, tangible and quantifiable results to our clients.

A Relationship of trust built over the long term

We work on building a long-term trust relationship with our clients, beyond the success of a unique project.