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The Financial Services actors are coping with a complex and evolving environment, and important challenges that are not always easy to address jointly :

  • Regulatory constraints
  • Margins shrinking and Pressure on costs
  • Competition and differentiation on Quality and service

Organisational transformation is therefore key to maintain sustainable revenue and to turn these challenges into opportunities for growth. Different methods can be used to support transformation, depending on :

  • The maturity and sensitivness of the organisation
  • The related risks
  • The objectives to meet, and available resources


The significant increase of the Regulatory pressure, which is constant since 2008 crisis, aims at mitigating the systemic and fraud risk, increasing markets transparency and strenghtening investors protection. It led to a profound transformation of the financial industry, and major impacts throughout the entire value chain

KYC Consulting provides support through all the steps of regulatory projects, from initiation and planning to Information System upgrades and process transformation. Our consultants have a deep understanding of both Industry and Regulatory landscape, as well as project management skills


Optimization projects can be conducted using several methodologies, depending on the objectives, scope and constraints of the project or organisation :


  • Lean Management : encompasses discipline issues, standardisation, problem identification, problem solving using visual management techniques and working groups.


  • Lean 6 sigma : allows end to end optimization, combining Lean and 6 Sigma approaches to enhance execution speed and stability, problem solving and quality.


  • Operational excellence : combines optimization approaches and steering through processes, allowing organisation management through value chains.


In a regulated and standardised Industry, innovation is key to create differentiation and stay away from competition. Those who deeply understand these challenges and quickly adapt to this new environment, will stay ahead of the Industry.


Innovation must be a potential enhancer and help financial industry protagonists optimise their expertise :

  • Innovation methods should be adapted to the company profile, the┬átarget plan and the business strategy