Transversal offers

Project management

To cope with current challenges, excellent project management skills are a pre-requisite to perfectively lead and deliver transformations initiatives.


Our expertise in Financial Services and highly skilled teams are key enabler for us to provide a dedicated support through the definition, design, and implementation of your transformation projects .

Smart PMO

To be competitive, banks and insurances always need to change and progress through projects in more and more complex environments with major challenges to be mutually addressed.

On the back of these challenges, the PMO function, via its organisation and its best practices, will provide:

  • A better spread and utilization of project management Methodologies and Principles – e.g. CMMI, Lean Six Sigma, Scrum / Argile
  • A better maturity in project management – governance and reporting (top down communication)
  • A better management of budget, risk, planning, and resources


We support our client through their challenges of operating model optimization and transformation. We provide assistance in process workflow analysis, operating model definition, and their testing simulations.

In this context we better use new technologies, especially Business intelligence (BI) in order to:

  • Facilitate analysis
  • Manage and monitor activities


Analytics tools, especially self BI, allow a close activity monitoring, due to large data volumes, resulting from various and heterogenous sources, such as excel files, data base or distributed system. From these raw data, KPIs are created and then analysed through diverse angles (360°), and levels of aggregation or hierarchy (top-down). This allows clients to make better decisions with confidence and focus.


KYC consulting provides the best configuration to successfully deliver projects: a double competency characterised by functional skills and a technical / self-BI skills.


In the current Industry landscape, quality management becomes again a driver for differentiation and a cost management enabler. However, quality management can be often wrongly positioned, and not benefiting from the right priority level :

  • There isn’t always an agreement on the definition and objectives of the quality management
  • Initiatives on the subject are often de-prioritised against regulatory, cost saving and operational excellence projects
  • Quality management is often mixed with certification (ex: ISO 9001): one doesn’t guarantee the other
  • Quality management is regularly organised “in silo”: data quality, process quality and client services quality

Our value proposition is to answer these different issues and provide a global, focused and dedicated support to the quality management for your Organisation.